Allie X likes to ask the public, “When is the first time you felt X?”

And after watching the newly released music video for a song she initially shared 11 months ago entitled Catch, above, I can safely attest to having “felt X.” The song itself is an extremely catchy synth spectacle that finds X telling someone who wronged her to “wait until I catch my breath.”

The visuals, directed by Jérémie Saindon, feature various imagery that play out like a series of suspended gifs. A lot of commonly used pop culture references – such as sex, masks, duality, death and butterflies – are sprinkled throughout the video, but presented in a more modern, original style.

The music video for Catch should prepare Allie X fans for her upcoming seven track selection of tunes being released on April 7th, appropriately titled CollXtion I. X plans for “a full multimedia Xperience centered around seven songs,” that will allow participants a chance to, “gather songs, videos, digital installations, and other media that begin to fashion the world of a protagonist known as ‘X’.” CollXtion I will also be released on the singer’s own label.

Interesting. I’m excited to see more pop from Allie’s perspective.