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Jonn Hart

The R&B crooner keeps churning out noteworthy projects like his mixtape Heart 2 Hart 2 or the hook on DJ Rapture‘s latest banger entitled Hell Yeah (Dirty), below. 2015 will be full of more Hart and Jonn is going to make sure of that.

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Devon Baldwin

“Dream pop” singer Devon Baldwin had a impressive 2014 when she was featured on rapper G-Eazy‘s popular single Let’s Get Lost. Uploading emotionally brilliant tracks to her soundcloud account, like the 4e produced Blame, below, is also helping to increase the emerging singer’s popularity in 2015. Devon Baldwin is definitely one to watch.

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Willow Smith

This popular 14 year old spent her 2014 completely revamping her image – physically, musically and spiritually – and the results have produced some stellar neo-soul music. Trading her former mainstream appealing vibe for one that’s deeper and more meaningful has transcended the Whip My Hair singer to a level that rivals neo-soul greats like Erykah Badu.

On her first 2015 release shared to her soundcloud account, the three track EP entitled Interdimensional Tesseract, Smith keeps it random with intergalactically cool songs like the Chaotic produced Heart, below. Willow is simply doing her own thing again this year and we thankfully get to reap the musical side effects.

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2014 was a great year for emerging rapper Ylti (pronounced ill-tee). When he wasn’t releasing popular tracks like his feature with Kai Wachi on the banger Recognize, below, or hot song collections like his latest mixtape 500messages, he was hobnobbing with fellow hip-hop heavyweights G-Eazy and Waka Flocka Flame when he opened up for them during their tour stops.

With steadily increasing appeal and music that’s getting even hotter, 2015 definitely stands to be Ylti‘s year to get signed with a major hip-hop label. We’re pretty much calling it here.

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The Flavr Blue

Seattle based electronic trio The Flavr Blue (Lace, Hollis and Parker, left to right in above picture) are one of the bands I was most excited to see at the Bumbershoot Music Festival in 2013 and one of my all around favorite groups altogether! Their music is smooth, vibe-filled, fun and danceable.

At the end of 2014, they released the infectious track U Crazy (featuring Marc E. Bassy) on their soundcloud account, below, about a corrupt female love interest. Being that the release of U Crazy wasn’t that long ago, who knows what The Flavr Blue have in store for 2015 musically? Whatever it is, I’m on board and patiently waiting.

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Love Dollhouse

Dymond Harding, Ryan Destiny and Chelsea Stone make up the lovely R&B trio known as Love Dollhouse, whose hit single Can I (with former member Jasmine Pore) was a summer anthem and hot video on YouTube.

After commercials, BET appearances, interviews, and a string of talent packed performances, 2015 is shaping up to be the year Love Dollhouse gives the music world what it’s been missing, a talented R&B girl group. If anyone can, it’s these three. We just need some new music, ladies…