I talked about what I’m looking forward to in 2015 and the top 10 stories that were the most viewed on RAMrants.com this past year. Having looked back at 365 days I am okay with moving onward from, here are five things I’m somewhat sad to leave behind in 2014…


1. ‘Selfie’ on ABC / Hulu Plus

The show about a social media obsessed millennial who wants to change her ways with the help of her shrewd co-worker didn’t become a hit until it was canceled by ABC, airing the remaining episodes on the internet subscription based service Hulu Plus. Petitions to revive the show for a second season have been gaining momentum, but after 13 wonderful – in my opinion – episodes, the future of Selfie remains to be seen in 2015.


2. The ‘Beyoncé’ Album Era

There was a surprise visual album release, then there was the Nicki Minaj remix feature and the platinum re-release album featuring two new songs and new videos. 2013 and ’14 were the years of an epic era of Beyoncé music. Now it’s 2015 and Mrs. Carter is surely moving on towards the next era of great Beyoncé offerings. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over 7/11 and Drunk In Love, but I’m excited to see what’s next.


3. Mariota as Oregon’s QB

Unfortunately, all good things really do come to an end. Oregon Football has experienced a legendary year of highs and will finish their historic season on January 12th playing against the Ohio State University Buckeye’s in the National Championship game. Whether Oregon wins, we’re still likely losing our current quarterback – and Heisman Trophy winner – Marcus Mariota. While we’re lucky to have him for one last Oregon game in 2015, the 21 year old phenomenon is likely moving on to bigger, better, more PROfessional things and he’s going to be missed dearly.


4. K-Pop Girl-Group f(x)

In July of 2014, it was announced that Sulli was taking a break from the entertainment industry but was still a current member of my favorite Korean Pop Music quintet f(x). Having released their third studio album Red Light that year, promotion was limited and not much else has been heard about the group aside from the respective solo projects of its members. Whether they come out with new material in 2015 remains to be seen. At least we’ll always have 2009’s La Cha Ta, below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.48.29 AM

5. Danity Kane

On this year’s season of Making The Band, no one makes the cut!

The initial reunion publicized four out of the five original members coming together to record new music, then three, now none. Danity Kane had announced their disbanding before the release of their mildly successful third studio album DK3. With a fourth member or without, those girls showed promise. It’s always a shame when good girl groups can’t get along.