(The Best of 2014, in photos)

In my opinion, the best way to reflect upon a previous year of activities and life lessons is by way of iCloud. I had originally not been fond of this year as a whole. But upon looking back through the good moments, thus triggering reminders of the bad, I was able to conclude that 2014 wasn’t a total waste.

I had good moments with friends and family, plus got to visit New York. I restructured my multimedia image and made a lot of necessary life changes in general. And I rightfully supported the University of Oregon ducks the whole time!

Looking back at the resolution standards I had previously set for the prior year, I’ve decided to make some drastic changes for 2015. I’ve noticed that one of humanity’s flaws lays in the pursuit of what we think is happiness and I had become a major victim of making this mistake in 2014.

I chased certain friendships because of how they would impact my social status versus choosing quality bonds with good people who had been willingly available the whole time. I changed a lot – for the better – toward the end of 2014 and want to carry those changes into the new year and beyond.

2015, for me, is the year I want to chase the right vibes. Professionally, romantically, physically and emotionally. Whatever feels right is what I’m going to go with because it’s important to trust your gut instinct. Mine has never let me down – because only you, yourself, can – so it’s time to carry these realizations into the next 365 days.

“Vibes speak louder than words.”