Unless you’re a rampant Tumblr user, you may not have heard of Daisy Lola. If you’re unfamiliar with the popular blogger, witty journalist and all around babe, it’s time for you get to know her. It’ll definitely be your loss if you don’t. Daisy has maintained a increasingly healthy online fan base since transitioning from teen to twenty-something with inspirational posts on her blog, entitled Spearmint Blonde aka DaisyLola.com, that center around music, fashion, sex, relatable personal opinion and her awesome life. To get you further acquainted, I’ve decided to list ten reasons why Daisy Lola is this week’s “Woman Crush Wednesday” and someone you can always seek inspiration from:

1. Daisy doesn’t give a fuck.



Obviously not ashamed to partake in her own version of the #FreeTheNipple movement, Daisy Lola is an avid fan of tattoos and unashamed self expression. I think that makes her more awesome than most.

2. She keeps it real.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.49.20 PMWhen it was recently alleged that Daisy over edits her Instagram posts, the spearmint blonde defended herself by revealing the true amount of changes she might make on a shared photo, above. She has even shared pictures of herself without makeup to dispel haters, below. That kind of honesty definitely takes some ovaries.




3. Her milkshake would definitely bring me to the yard.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.57.56 PM

With ultra cute posts like this one she shared on her Instagram account recently, above, why not? Lola’s attempt at a homemade milkshake looks delicious!

4. Speaking of Daisy’s milkshake…


Who doesn’t love an intelligent beauty with a really nice booty?

5. She’s not only sexy, but extremely inspirational.


Coping with the loss of a friend due to suicide prompted Daisy to form a list of “Reasons Life’s Worth It,” above, which has now become a popular page of inspiring posts featured on her blog.

6. Daisy Lola is Australian.


And she’s got the adorable accent to prove it!

7. She’s also a world traveler…


With posts shared from England, Greece, and various cities in Australian, Lola is always on the move to new and exciting countries and places.

Who does cute things like take Polaroid-style pictures…


8. …With her boyfriend by her side.


Daisy has unsurprisingly been in an adorable relationship for the last two years.

9. She looks good even when she’s not a “Spearmint Blonde.”


Lola has dyed her hair black, grey, red, pink and purple, nailing each look.

And a side note, she looks really cute in reading glasses…



10. Daisy Lola is simply an all around awesome person who is nice enough to share her life with us via her kick-ass social media outlets.



And we love her for it!

Daisy Lola is an alluring journalist from Australia with a popular – and inspiring – blog, charming Instagram, and witty twitter account. Check out all of her respective social media outlets and more at DaisyLola.com.




(All photos were taken from the Instagram account of Daisy Lola)