Google Self-Driving Car Project - Google Plus 2

Google has been teasing their Google Self-Driving Car Project for a while now. The original prototype, below, featured a mock up of the steering wheel deprived vehicle that was lacking headlights and other features the engineers felt weren’t necessary for the initial testing stages of the revolutionary automobile.

The new prototype for the car, above, features a sleeker looking top sensor – rumored to be able to detect obstructions from a distance of up to two football fields – and headlights. Currently exclusive to private road tests, the vehicle has also been given the ability to be manually controlled via breaks and a steering wheel in order to comply with California’s automobile requirements when open road testing occurs this coming 2015.

Google plans for the final version of their mechanized 2 seater to roll out sans steering wheel and breaks, confident that its technology will not need a driver. The cute vehicle does not have an official release date as of yet, but is gradually evolving its potential for open road availability.

Image 5 - Prototype-1