People are always asking me what kind of music I like to listen to. Here are some of the tracks and artists that remain in circulation on my musical playlists used with soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes, etc.


Flowers – Willow Smith

Willow Smith has completely evolved her image and music style from that of potential child pop superstar to the deep, intellectual soul singer we’re currently re-falling in love with.

If the amazingness that is her ‘3’ EP – a mature release for a 14 year old – indicates where her musical future is headed than we’ve got a budding prodigy on our hands. Check out the smooth track Flowers from her ‘3’ EP, currently available on iTunes.

500messages Mixtape – Ylti

Rapper, Ylti, continues to evolve with the release of his latest mixtape entitled 500messages. The 6 song collection features – in my opinion – an edgier sound from Idaho-based hip-hop artist.

Starting strong with 500, a track that samples the Destiny’s Child hit Say My Name, Ylti cleverly navigates the listener through 6 songs with topics ranging from love to the struggles of hustling in his signature relatable, real style. Ylti clearly has a lot to say when it comes to his interactions with the ladies, 500messages worth. Available for download via Buygore.

Alone (Depressed Teenager Remix) – Chippy Nonstop

The New Jersey based DJ increasingly gaining popularity, Depressed Teenager, lends his “interesting flair” to the song Alone by (my favorite) New York artist, Chippy Nonstop.

The result is a pop dance explosion that equally balances emotion and sonic pleasantry to a point that makes it one of those perfect songs to drive alone at night listening to.

Illuminate (featuring Years & Years) – Tourist

British electronic musician, Tourist, recently recruited electro-pop trio, Years & Years, for the brilliant track Illuminate. The track features soaring vocals over a sprightly beat. Another great listen for those late nights when you’re up with a restless mind.

Candy Love – Rebecca & Fiona

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Swedish based DJ duo, Rebecca & Fiona, for years. Their smooth sounds delight the ears and inspire bodily movement in a signature style that the two have said “is telling a story” in their sophomore album released earlier this year entitled Beauty Is Pain.

There a tons of shining moments on the album like in the catchy single Candy Love, above. Available on iTunes, Rebecca & Fiona are definitely a higher quality part of the EDM scene.