21 year old University of Oregon football player, Marcus Mariota, has been increasingly making a name for himself during his three seasons as a duck and quarterback for the team. Mariota’s many shining moments during his college football career were recently acknowledged and memorialized in the form of his winning of the prestigious Heisman Trophy – an award that is annually given to what Wikipedia says is “the most outstanding player in college football in the United States whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

Possessing a ridiculously charming personality full of humility and decency, plus more yards, touchdowns, and voting favor (88.4% to be exact) than the competition, Marcus was a shoe-in for the award. Because of his achievement, Mariota was asked to participate in David Letterman‘s Top Ten Countdown during his iconic, final season, themed after the Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Marcus Mariota‘s Mind When He Won The Heisman Trophy. The hilarious clip is above.

Devoted enough to acknowledge his Hawaiian roots as he did during his acceptance speech for the coveted Heisman Trophy, above, Marcus Mariota has officially made two states proud. Rival team Oregon State University even reached out to Marcus to share their excitement for Mariota’s accomplishment, below. A website – www.mahaloMarcus.com – was even established to document his triumphant road to The Heisman. It boasts Marcus’s history in high school and college, his accomplishments and his legacy – which is what everyone is currently wondering about.


Whatever’s next for Mariota is sure to be as promising as number 8 has been ever since he set foot on Oregon’s field. Having met Marcus myself, I can personally attest to his considerate nature and humble disposition. Marcus Mariota is proving that nice guys can win. As an Oregonian and University of Oregon football fan, I couldn’t be more proud of this inspiring young champion. With the impending Rose Bowl coming on January 1st, all eyes will be on Mariota to see if he can help bring his team on to 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship Game on January 12th. Us Duck fans are surely anticipating this historic season finale.