From an electric bike that is small enough to fit into your backpack to a set of wireless headphones that can sync together to share the listening experience and a robotic bartender that effortlessly whips up your favorite cocktails, here are 3 Kickstarter-backed projects that are succeeding with their fund-raising efforts which will hopefully lead to commercial success.

1. Impossible by Impossible Technology

The amazing compact, light-weight electric bike that is small enough to fit in your backpack but still durable to carry a rider weighing up to 180 lbs. tops the list. Impossible Technology says of the folding bicycle that, “the disc motor of Impossible is both lightweight and powerful. With ten 2900mah 10A 3.6V 44.5g  batteries, Impossible can travel up to 12.4 mph for 45 minutes or at normal speed for up to 15.6 miles.”
I want one.

2. Wearhaus Arc Wireless Headphones by Wearhaus Inc

Wearhaus Inc dubs their new Wearhaus Arc audio effort “wireless headphones reinvented,” due to the headsets ability to sync together with other headsets of the same make to enjoy a shared listening experience. The headphones also illuminate changeable colors that can coordinate with a shared listener or the individual users mood.

With an app that pairs with the headphones to connect Wearhaus Arc wearers to each others’s music, it’s no wonder these astounding headsets went above their initial Kickstarter goal – which ends in 4 days – by 337%. With a pair starting at $159, it’ll be no time before these intuitive, stylish headphones go public.

3. Robotic Bartender for your Home by Somabar

If you love mixed drinks but hate taking the time to make them, Somabar’s Robotic Bartender is right up your alley. Simply load the machine’s Soma Pod’s with the ingredients of drink’s recipe, then tell the paired app what alcohol strength and taste notes you’d prefer and the drink of your choice will be custom made for you in less than five seconds.

Somabar says of the device, “The mixing comes from a combination of fluid dynamics, kinetic energy, and turbulence created by static vanes. What that means is fewer moving parts to maintain, as well as fast and perfectly mixed cocktails. Our on-board software and sensors make it easy to make new recipes and manage your inventory (liquid gold).” It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and will continue to receive updated recommendations on drinks, tastes, and recipes as the Somabar community grows.

With over a month left on their active Kickstarter campaign, Somabar is sure to hit their goal of $50,000 in crowd funding efforts. They’re currently at 92% with a model starting at $399, $100 off of the pre-order price. A style way to effortlessly bartend while hosting, I can easily see this making it’s way to the mainstream.