As reflects on its stellar first year as an official media blog and brand, 10 particular stories that were written on the website created an impact that shined through the analytics spectrum, making this lifestyle blog one worth your attention.


1. Brigette Bardot

Believe it or not, viewers couldn’t get enough of the retired actress and infamously opinionated recluse whose style choices executed during the height of her career are still mocked and sought upon for inspiration. The post The Essence Of Brigitte Bardot is the website’s most popular story to date in 2014. Brigitte Bardot has barely been seen – or heard – in public recently but still possesses the ability to go viral for her past accomplishments in today’s fast paced media. If that isn’t winning, I don’t know what is.


2. Nicki Minaj

The current queen of rap has made quite a few stories go viral, but(t) mostly due to her enlarged derriere and the comedy its legendary mysteriousness causes. We’re constantly writing about Nicki’s awesome music, but(t) it’s classic Minaj comedy like The Best Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ Memes that has really gotten our readers ranting in 2014 as our site’s second most popular story.

3. Frederick Wilson II

With the police related deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner creating protests that spanned from Ferguson, Missouri to New York City, New York there was an interracially controversial video uploaded by online personality Frederick Wilson II that positively encouraged black americans to take an inside look at how their own actions can help counteract law enforcement related violence. Frederick Wilson II’s Inspiring Message To Black People was the third most popular story posted to in 2014.


4. Candice Huffine

Leave it to the gorgeous plus-sized, American supermodel who made their ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ to be the website’s fourth hottest story of the year. Looking the way she does, with such a positive attitude and impressive list of career achievements, it’s no surprise our viewers were as equally intrigued by Candice Huffine in 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 1.37.57 PM

5. Hollywood Illusionists

A major topic on the minds of readers and the pop-culture observant was the ever changing look of today’s (and yesterday’s) top entertainers. Whether it be a name change or complete face/body and sound overhaul, Hollywood’s Biggest Illusionist’s proved interesting enough to be the fifth most popular story on our blog.


6. Peter Pan Live!

Whether you liked it or not – or still have yet to watch it, it happened. The Allison Williams fronted Peter Pan Live! aired on NBC and caused a viral social media frenzy that transferred onto as our sixth most popular post when we featured 15 Hilarious Live Tweets That Happened During ‘Peter Pan Live!’

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.04.39 AM

7. ‘Candidly Nicole’ on VH1

The AOL short series named Candidly Nicole that I’ve raved about grew into a half hour long show on VH1 and it had funny moments, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. Regardless, I’ll always be a huge fan of Nicole Richie and A Review On The TV Version Of ‘Candidly Nicole’ will always be this site’s seventh most popular story.


8. Love Dollhouse

The R&B crooning trio recently brought massive traffic to when we let viewers Watch Love Dollhouse Reveal Their Christmas Spirit And New Look. The talented Ryan Destiny, Chelsea Stone and Dymond Harding got social media talking and listening, below, understandably becoming our website’s eighth most popular story of 2014.


9. Celebrity Comparisons

From Lil Kim to Beyoncé, a lot of top celebrities featured on couldn’t escape the virality – and hilarity – of comparative memes in our post that spotlighted 5 Hilarious Spot On Celebrity Comparisons Commonly Found On Twitter, making the list as our ninth most popular story in 2014.


10. Ana Mulvoy-Ten

Between her budding acting career and stunning photography sessions with Tyler Shields, Ana Mulvoy-Ten won the hearts of and its readers as one of our ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ picks and the site’s tenth most talked about story.

Honorable Mention: London Zhiloh

The brilliant actress and model from New York was one of our most searched features in 2014.

With 2015 officially kicking off today – already in some countries – who knows what’s in store for the offerings of the future? One thing’s for sure, it’s been a fun ride and the best is yet to come. Thank you for your interest in 2014 has been insanely memorable and wouldn’t have been considered an accomplishment without your increasing viewership. I’m looking forward to a new year of fun stuff to rant about. Happy New Year, everyone!