Since it’s Thursday, I decided to contribute a throwback style post that recounts a fun memory I’ve experienced. This week’s features Rita Ora.

The city I live in randomly hosted a promotional event at our local mall, featuring Rita Ora. I chose to attend it with a friend. Being a fan longtime fan of Rita’s, I made some special shirts for my friend and I – and Rita – to wear in order to commemorate her appearance in Eugene, Oregon. The result was an unforgettable experience that my friend Sarah was nice enough to capture on video, below.

Don’t judge how I fan-girl.

Meeting Rita Ora was an immense pleasure. She not only brought talent, but remarkable charm and humility. You never know what to expect when meeting one of your favorite entertainers. Rita surpassed whatever I was expecting and then some. I’m a Rita-bot – her fan-base’s name – for life because of this, even though I already was because of her awesome music and style.