While the media is overly worried about Taylor Swift music and the rear of Kim KardashianBeyoncé has decided to bring attention back to herself – the queen – with the rerelease of her infamous Beyoncé albumBeyoncé Platinum Edition drops on iTunes, Amazon and in stores on November 24th and features 2 new tracks (7/11 and Ring Off), 4 new remixes, 17 music videos, 10 live performances, a 2015 mini calendar, and 2 photo books.

7/11 is debatably the most underwhelming track to come from the Beyoncé reissue, however, the newly released music video for the banger is anything but. With a seemingly amateur filming style, Beyoncé dances around her hotel room alone and with friends to amazing choreography that truly bring the Bobby Johnson and Detail produced song life. If anyone can “break the internet,” it’s Beyoncé and she’s reminding you never to forget that.