The nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and a slew of other Hollywood names were recently leaked to the public as a result of an allegedly hack to Apple’s iCloud system, spawning trending topics almost celebrating the event like #fappening and #IfMyPhoneGotHacked, etc. Random tweets proclaimed this as an occurrence to celebrate.

While I find hilarity in the tweets produced after the leak of Lawrence’s very private photos, the situation itself is not funny at all. Lena Dunham brilliantly summed up her thoughts on the matter via twitter.

I couldn’t agree with Lena more. Something like this is not only humiliating but devastating. The public gaining access to your exploited private pictures without granted permission is not okay and the people partaking in the objectification of Jennifer Lawrence should feel ashamed of themselves. When treating someone’s confidential content as casual as something like baseball trading cards – remember – what if something like this happened to you or your child? How would you feel?