It’s time to know Traci Braxton as more than a reality show co-star and sister to famous singers Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton-Herbert. Officially shedding her former Braxton Family Values nickname of “the wannabe,” Traci has claimed her rightful title as “the wild card” (her current nickname on the show) with the release of her new single and music video entitled Last Call. Initially falling in love with the single itself drove me into a state of elation when I learned Traci was also giving us TraBirds (her fan-base’s nickname) visuals for the track.

The clip, above, features the second oldest Braxton sister looking beautiful and lonely in a stunning home as she casually observes the happenings of an attractive suitor. Her sisters and Braxton Family Values co-stars even make an guest appearance (minus Towanda) as they charmingly set up Traci with the object of her attention. Last Call is available for purchase on iTunes and thoroughly excites me for the rumored Braxton sister’s album which will hopefully produce a single by year’s end.