It’s 2014 and the music industry is still heavily dominated by the same familiar faces. If you’re ready for new talent to enter the scene then you should check out the following five up-and-comers that stand to change the game and hopefully breathe new life, creativity, and sound into hip-hop, pop, rap and soul. These five acts are already garnering a lot of media attention for their unique offerings and notable style, so it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be hearing about them everywhere. You can thank me for keeping you ahead of the game later.


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Ylti (pronounced ill-tee) hasn’t been in the rap game long but comes off like he has, churning out radio ready songs that sound like they should have already been playing on hip-hop radio stations worldwide. Releasing mix-tapes and stand out tracks like his recent collaboration with Yung Turd, below, keeps him one to watch. The man is on fire and sure to be burning up the industry soon.



This New York rapper matches the shock-appeal of her stage name with equally upfront music, like the brash track Fuck Texting (below), that’s  simultaneously witty, catchy and chalk full of cultural relevancy. Junglepussy knows what she’s doing and has a raw, unfiltered disposition making her impending domination of female rap a refreshing change from the current artists we’re overexposed to. Her appeal has even increased to the point that she was recently sought out to contribute in DKNY’s recent fashion week offerings as a model. She’ll hopefully take on the aspect of global role model because this woman stays inspiring.



Tiaan makes that type of music smooth, sultry and catchy enough to get stuck in your head while leaving an impression on your soul. With velvety tracks like Devils Touch, Clean, and her latest Oh My, below, Tiaan is building an impressive collection of melodies that should surely make her the next big in R&B.



 Chippy Nonstop is a spirited DJ and singer whose music can be best described as pure fun. Switching from rapping to singing, like she does on the candy-coated track Me + You featuring Kitty (below), this California native will remind you of a younger MIA with more radio-friendly music. Her SoundCloud account is loaded with catchy, danceable tracks and DJ mixes that are increasingly gaining appeal that will hopefully translate to mainstream success.



Dai Burger makes music that’s as tasty as her name sounds. The Queens rapper and colleague of Junglepussy has a playful disposition riddled with sex appeal, making her music fun and worthy enough of garnering her Rolling Stone Magazine status as an “Artist To Watch.” With stand out mix-tapes and tracks like the Disclosure backed You & Me (Flume Remix – Vito Fun x SpacePlant Twerk ReWork), below, it’s no surprise. Dai Burger is primed for female rap success.