Yahoo-owned Tumblr has recently started working with a photo-analysis company called Ditto Labs which will ID some of the 130 millions photographs that are shared on the micro-blogging site daily. Starting this week, Tumblr and Ditto Labs will combine forces in an effort to sift through uploaded images for signs of brand-related affiliation found on clothing and products – then will give that information to advertisers and brands.

The scanning is intended to provide advertisers with perspective on how they’re perceived on the platform (for the sake of marketing technique improvisation). T.R Newcomb, head of business development at Tumblr told Mashable: “Right now, we’re not planning to do anything ad-related. If Coke wants to understand the nature of the conversation about them on Tumblr, Ditto can sift through and deliver it to Coke.”

Knowing Tumblr is owned by Yahoo and that Yahoo has agreements with the NSA and FBI makes this news not too surprising. It’s still creepy nonetheless. Big brother’s officially watching you, Tumblr fans.