Actress, dancer, singer and fitness enthusiast, Rachele Brooke Smith, is more than just a quadruple threat. She’s been featured in various television and film projects such as 17 Again, Iron Man 2, How I Met Your Mother, Burlesque, Entourage, GleeAnger Management, Two and a Half Men and portrayed the lead role of Kate Parker in 2008’s dance-associated Center Stage: Turn It Up.

When she’s not acting or appearing in numerous ad campaigns, Rachele flexes her motivational speaking rights in a YouTube series entitled Unbreakable Dreams. Inspiring fans with fitness encouragement, messages of positivity and her philanthropic efforts make this budding super star a completely charming and inspirational role model.

Particularly impressed by her level of talent displayed in Center Stage: Turn It Up excites me to see Smith in more leading roles. Rachele definitely has what it takes. With unbreakable dreams, naturally stunning good looks, and a talent that transcends TV and movie screens, Rachele Brooke Smith was an undeniable pick for this week’s ‘Woman Crush Wednesday.’

Check out Rachele Brooke Smith‘s official website for more information about the quadruple threat and her upcoming projects.