The Ixion private jet concept by Technicon Design features an immersive, panoramic traveling experience that trades traditional windows for a high resolution, low voltage, multi-functional display. The digital presentation on the cabin’s interior walls and ceiling can be formatted to the desired aesthetics of the user or can project a stunning view of the outside environment employing cameras that are mounted on the plane’s main body and wings. Other features of Ixion include the ability to utilize its fuselage screen for video conferencing and other easily accessible hand gesture made functions while simultaneously admiring outside views using Parallax barrier technology.

“The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy,” said Technicon Design director Gareth Davies. “The user experience is greatly enhanced by directly engaging the passengers with the environment outside, to the point of exhilaration by giving an unhindered panoramic view from the inside.”