There’s a video making rounds on the internet that allegedly shows Michael Brown shoplifting from a convenient store. The clip (in my opinion) is likely fabricated Ferguson police propaganda that was publicized to warrant Brown’s murder using the purported excuse that a tall, seemingly angry black man (in public) accredits enough fear and intimidation for his murder to be justifiable. The validity of the video – which is not even confirmed to actually feature Michael Brown – has already been disputed by the store owners he supposedly robbed. Another video, below, I was shown is making rounds on Facebook and claims not to be in defense of Darren Wilson – Brown’s murderer – but paints the 18 year old victim known as the “gentle giant” to be anything but. Not only does the video show the assumed robbery, but it uses statistics to make claims that african americans are simply more violent than whites.

The video objectively plays like even more propaganda created to justify fear-based, cop-related murder, particularly – and offensively – against african americans. The truth is, Michael Brown is not the problem and never was. What’s currently going on in our country is not about him. It’s not even about a reputed racial divide. It’s much bigger than that. The actual dilemma currently garnering increasing attention in the media – and outraging common sense possessing Americans – is the abuse of power by our nation’s law enforcement. Most intelligent people don’t seek out negative interactions with the police, so why would Michael Brown? He was black, (statistically making him more targeted by cops) 18 and embarking on life as a collegiate. Was his size, attitude and alleged petty theft enough justification to warrant his death? No statistic you tell me about will validate a non-self-defense backed police murder.

That’s our nation’s problem and until something is done to hold police more accountable for their violent actions resulting in bad judgement, it will continue to be an issue. Power is getting abused and the public opposition of the violence sparked by it should be understandable. Skin tone aside, Americans simply shouldn’t be forced to fear the men and women who are supposed to uphold the law, exemplarily follow it and protect us – especially without a valid reason.