After releasing her own version of Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj‘s Flawless (Remix), Lil Kim is at it again with the sudden release of Identity Theft, below. A diss track so directly aimed at Minaj that the singer is featured on the cover art for the track.

We get it, Kim.

Nicki Minaj entered the rap game donning a colorful appearance similar to the one Lil Kim did at the height of her career.


It’s also understandably frustrating how Nicki has eclipsed Kim’s level of success to the point that she feels she can dub herself the “queen of rap.”

But when does a public beef become overcooked?

Lil Kim is letting jealousy water down her artistry. While Nicki Minaj works hard on her new album, rap features, remixes with Beyoncéher own witty soundcloud offerings, and cementing her brand, Identity Theft is all Lil Kim has to offer us to redeem herself as the true “queen of rap?” What a let down and departure from the Lil Kim who once asked us How Many Licks. She’s officially joined the ranks of those celebrities who appear more worried about staying newsworthy than noteworthy. The hip-hop world longs for her to make a comeback but she has to realize that it needs to be a high quality one otherwise she’ll be stuck using Nicki’s name to hold onto her fame and that’s lame.