I’ve talked about similar subjects before, but am always coming back to this one. Sharing good news with our current generation is becoming so perplexing that I find myself choosing silence in an attempt to stay liking humanity. It just feels to me like no one can handle anything positive if it doesn’t personally relate to themselves anymore. I genuinely love when someone shares an uplifting bit of news about themselves with me. I am such a fan of success that it doesn’t have to be mine for me to appreciate it. Isn’t that how it should be?

Why would you ask me how I’m doing or how my business is succeeding if you’re just going to roll your eyes or tune out when I start telling you? That’s not sincerity or what a real friend would do. How will you prosper when you don’t like prosperity in general? You should let the good news people share with you foster a drive and inspiration to fulfill your own accomplishments. And for goodness sake, don’t ask a person how they’re doing personally or professionally if you don’t want to know. Keep your insincerity to yourself or expect the people who can sense it to withdraw you from their life accordingly.

I only like to keep the kind of company that will propel me and let go of the kind that doesn’t. If you have good news and feel like there’s no one in your life who will appreciate it, you can share it with me. I’d love to celebrate your successes because I don’t lack the confidence in my own abilities to feel the need to make pointless comparisons. I just want to stay inspired.