There’s something insanely respectable about Brigitte Bardot. The woman known for her modeling, acting and singing efforts traded international fame for a quiet life in St. Tropez as a passionate animal rights activist in 1973. Being of french decent, a lot of America’s current generation is unfamiliar with her and should take notice. Brigitte capitalized on the budding sex symbol explosion of the 50’s and 60’s, had a shoulder exposing neckline named after herself and practically pioneered bikini bathing suits at a time when America was too shy to embrace such bodily exposure. Considered a style icon, she also doubled as a driving force behind women’s history being declared the first most liberated woman of post-war France.

Bardot doesn’t make as many headlines nowadays as she used to, but she’s still presently pursuing her passion for animal rights. A french muse whose appeal transcended to America, Brigitte Bardot is an idol still inspiring many of today’s models and women attempting to mimic her trademark look and style. Her most internationally noted feature, And God Created Woman, is part of The Criterion Collection which has selections available on Hulu. Celebrated for her sensuality, vivaciousness and independence, Brigitte remains a personal inspiration to those sophisticated enough to know of her.