If you’re a fan of the Sailor Moon anime franchise from the 90’s, you were probably excited to hear news about a reboot of the beloved original. Enter Sailor Moon Crystal, the new series from Toei, the same animation company that produced the first. Unlike it’s predecessor, Sailor Moon Crystal differs in the sense that it closely follows the manga (Japanese comic book) version that originated the franchise. In look and storyline, Crystal mimics the printed version so well that critics are saying it’s as if the manga has been visually brought to life.

Being a fan of the former series and not having read the manga personally, I love the new look and feel of Sailor Moon Crystal. Anticipating a long-awaited revival of the show that initially sparked my obsession with anime and Japan in general, I appreciate the differences of the new series. The first episode is the only one that’s been released so far and almost identically follows the pilot of the original anime with a few notable differences. Usagi Tsukino dreams of a more exciting life outside the confines of junior high schooling when she literally stumbles upon a cat named Luna that gives her the magical power to transform into a sailor-outfitted warrior against evil. The premise is similar and the revamped look is welcomed. The original voice actress that portrayed Usagi, Kotono Mitsuishi, has even reprised her role. Not knowing much about the manga version makes me excited to see the Sailor Moon story progress from a different perspective than I’m accustomed to.

If you’re a fan of manga and anime in general, I’d suggest checking out the renaissance of the series that pioneered female heroine dominated programming while increasing America’s growing love for animation from Japan. Sailor Moon Crystal is available on Hulu the first and third Saturday of every month until it concludes. As a long-time fan of the Sailor Moon franchise, my excitement feels refreshed. I can’t wait to see how Sailor Moon Crystal plays out for the new generation of anime admirers.