Every few years, a unique pop music act comes out of nowhere with deliciously random melodic offerings and the New York based duo, Rich White Ladies, are the latest party of two to delight the masses with irreverent lyrics and an avant garde presence that likens in similarity to notorious groups such as Icona Pop and Outkast.

Tokyo Diiva and Scotty Rebel form Rich White Ladies and even though they are indeed not white, that’s part of their appeal. With musical stylings that are fun, in your face, and chock full of nouveau riche attitude, Rich White Ladies stand to be the next big thing in the world of pop and hip hop.

Stand out tracks include:




Various media sources are already calling Rich White Ladies‘s subsequent new single Wimbledon (My favorite!) a “summer anthem,” so this is likely just the beginning. Pay attention to these two because they’re surely on their way to obtaining a mainstream position in our hearts and eardrums. I’m calling it now.