The Japanese/Italian fashion director and editor, Nicola Formichetti, inspires the world with the many accomplishments he’s made in a relatively short period of time. Transitioning from art director of a boutique to working with numerous fashion publications and brands, Nicola has transcended his noteworthiness as Lady Gaga‘s former stylist into the prominent status of fashion visionary. As the current artistic director for Italian fashion label Diesel and fashion director for Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo, Nicola is actively proving that he’s one of the “most influential creative forces working in fashion today,” as commended by The Business of Fashion.

Likened to Andy Warhol and consistently sought after for his insight on fashion and design, Formichetti also lends his acumen concerning music. He’s been recently promoting the American rapper and singer, Brooke Candy. His love of Japanese style pop-art is showcased throughout the items he’s created for his own clothing line, NICOPANDA. A fan of making collaborative efforts, it’s exciting to see where the future will take Nicola who further galvanizes due to his active support of other budding fashion entrepreneurs. All that being said, it’s completely understandable why Nicola Formichetti commences the first ‘Man Crush Monday’ post on He’s an influence that intrigues.