A woman that you can make you laugh is definitely one worth keeping around. That’s why my ‘woman crush Wednesday’ for this week is dedicated to the extremely effervescent comedian and YouTube savant, GloZell Green. Originally gaining mainstream attention from the popularity of her personal YouTube offerings at www.youtube.com/glozell1, GloZell has rightfully branded herself as the “Queen of YouTube.” Almost dying during filming of her attempt at the YouTube-trend of cinnamon challenge videos gave GloZell her most popular post to date, clocking in at almost 40 million views! She also boasts an impressive 2.8 million subscribers of her YouTube channel, is a published author and has a hilarious selection of popular songs available on iTunes. I actually met GloZell and her husband/manager SK at a YouTube related event in the past and can personally attest to her uplifting personality and comedic charm. This woman inspires through laughs and is always positive with quality, family-approved content.


Here are some of my personal favorite YouTube video posts from GloZell:

Having met an impressive amount of celebrities herself makes GloZell one to introduce yourself to. Make sure you check out her official website for more information about her impending comedic efforts, awesome content and merchandise.