Okay, maybe not Carrie Bradshaw, but definitely Candace Bushnell

If you don’t know who Candace Bushnell is, she’s the notorious New York-based writer of the New York Observer column that launched the book and TV show of the same name titled Sex and the City. The world has been looking for her worthwhile replacement ever since the column, book and TV show concluded leaving us wanting a new perspective on dating and sex. Enter the creator of Slutever.com, New York-native Karley Sciortino, a blog that picks up where Candace Bushnell left off, featuring dating, relationship and sex advice for millenials. In my opinion, Sciortino’s writing style surpasses Bushnell’s in its rawness and straightforward approach. Blossoming into a Vogue magazine columnist with a regular feature titled Breathless makes it apparent that Karley is more-so following in the fictional character Carrie’s footsteps (who also wrote a column for Vogue magazine on the show) than her creator, Candace. With great advice featuring a more modern perspective, it’s exciting to see where Karley’s work will take her.

Check out Karley Sciortino‘s blog Slutever.com and her Breathless column in Vogue magazine.