Being a huge fan of Nicole Richie and her AOL Original Series, Candidly Nicole, excited me for the VH1 network’s half hour version of the show which debuted last night. With hijinks that saw Nicole almost running over her father, Lionel Richie, while navigating the woes of learning how to parallel park and hijacking an online date she originally intended for a friend, Candidly Nicole had its fair share of humorous moments. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. However, the show ended up feeling like it should’ve came out 11 years prior when The Simple Life was still relevant. What was charming about the shortened version of Candidly Nicole was its brief, refreshing moments of hilarity. Attempting to stretch that out into 30 minutes turned what originally seemed like actual reality into seemingly staged scenarios that mimic a version of Nicole we’ve already seen before. All she’s done is resurrected the sitcom-style version of herself we saw on The Simple Life, offering nothing new in Candidly Nicole. It was funny but unnecessary and seems kind of late in release timing. I’m a big enough fan of hers to continue tuning in. I just hope the show eventually finds its heart and uniqueness at some point.

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