Bella Thorne has an impressive work ethic for a sixteen year old. From music to movies to her current representation as the spokesperson for the Candies brand, Bella stays working hard to make herself a household name. Recently starring in the Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore fronted comedy Blended, Bella is currently extending her acting chops on about five different movies that will be coming out later this year and in 2015. Remembering a time when Bella simply desired to be in a motion picture is now a dream that’s behind the former Disney star. She’s metamorphosized into a budding movie actress who continues to make waves for all the right reasons. With an impending album and book release, Bella is out to prove that her talents transcend TV and film. Originally calling her the “it girl” of 2013 makes me feel like an extension of that title onto this year and 2015 is necessary. Bella Thorne isn’t going anywhere and no one should want her to. With an extremely charming personally and discernible talent, she’s Hollywood’s darling and my ‘Woman Crush Wednesday.’ Accept it.