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Resting Bitch Face, RBF for short, is a condition that affects many human beings who are too diffident to admit they’re upset or in a bad mood. Unless you were born with a face that’s molded into a permanent frown, RBF is never unexplainable. It could be a defense mechanism to garner an unapproachable status or the fact that you’re internalizing negative emotions which are unintentionally showing outwardly through your facial expression. Maybe you’re just truly a bitch. No matter the reason, RBF happens. Even the following celebrities are guilty of displaying their significant types of characteristically seperated RBF:

RBF has many uses. It’s a personal method of wrinkle protection for Victoria Beckham, a way Michelle Obama conveys her disdain for people, a tool Kanye West utilizes to reveal to the world he’s sad to be with a Kardashian,and the way Rosie O’donnell‘s face is naturally stuck. It’s not just an excuse, let alone a valid one. My only advice for a potential sufferer of RBF is this: Think before you bitch face. RBF will cause people to think you’re a bitch, that you look like one or are mean and unapproachable. Is that really the first impression you want to give the world?