Ana Mulvoy-Ten is one to watch. Best known for her titular role on the Nickelodeon series House of Anubis, Ana’s talent transcends television. Not only is she charming, English-born and possessing the coolest last name in the industry, but she’s also the recurring muse of noted photographer, Tyler Shields. Appearing in his works submerged under water, suspended in air and wrestling a live crocodile for a Birkin bag are just a few of the compromising positions she’s stunningly executed being in. High fashion modeling is definitely something Mulvoy-Ten should think about pursuing professionally. She’s insanely photogenic.

Ana’s spirited personality radiates from her work to even her twitter feed. It was also recently announced that she’ll be joining the cast of the current fourth season of MTV’s Teen Wolf as a character named Violet. Continuing to make waves in the art and entertainment world, I can’t wait to see what Ana Mulvoy-Ten does next.