Paris fashion week recently concluded and my ability for trend-spotting was in full effect. From the yellows and circular shaped sunglasses I saw rampantly emerging from Milan fashion week came a whole new set of impending styles destined for mainstream wear. There were a lot of similarities to Milan’s showcases, but the following list features some of my other favorite looks to come out of Paris.

Here are ten more trends to watch out for from Paris’s 2015 Spring/Summer seasonal debut:

  • MESH SHIRTS – See-through is officially in. Every designer’s line seemed to feature mesh or transparent garments at some point.
  • SLEEVELESS SHIRTS & JACKETS – Sleeveless blazers and shirts were extremely prevalent during this year’s Paris fashion week.
  • ABSTRACT PRINTS – Extremely colorful and edgy abstract prints made there way onto almost everything in most of these showcases.
  • MATCHING SETS – From denim to prints, matching tops and bottoms were an exceptionally noticeable display this season.
  • ALL BLACK EVERYTHING – Everyone looks better in black and designers went out of their way to prove this in Paris.
  • PAISLEY – From standard colorful paisley to the paisley print you’d see on bandanas, it’s officially trying to make a comeback this season.
  • BUCKET HATS – Hats with a brim are back in a major way for Spring/Summer 2015.
  • SHIRTS WITH A PLUNGING NECKLINE – As a layering piece, these were a prominent Paris fashion week component that seemed to add a great pop of color to all of the outfits that presented them.
  • ANIMAL PRINT ACCENTS – Cheetah, leopard and tiger lining was a fierce feature on some of the line’s that were displayed.
  • RED & WHITE COATS – White or red coats were the one ingredient that seemed to be simultaneously recognized in almost every designer’s effort.

Givenchy and Dior Homme housed my favorite looks but I ended up liking most of what I’ve seen. Modern style is definitely making a comeback this year. Now that the 2015 Spring/Summer showcases are officially coming to an end, I’m excited to see what designer’s are going to produce for the colder months.