If you follow runway fashion like I do, you’d know that Milan fashion week has recently come to a close. Exploding with color, wild prints and stripe combinations, designers fronted their best efforts to predict the hottest styles for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. Featured are some of my favorites from what was presented.

Some of the more noticeably prevalent trends I see gaining mainstream success are:

  • BRIGHT AND MUSTARD YELLOWS – Every designer’s collection seemed to have a splash or hint of it at some point.
  • NON-CONFORMING STRIPED PATTERNS – Unconventional stripes were big during Milan fashion week.
  • COLORFUL PRINTS – From paisley to floral, colorful prints are a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • MATCHING DENIM, HEAD TO TOE – Denim jackets and matching pants seemed to be a trending showcase in a few of the collections.
  • LEATHER JACKETS – Paired with shorts or pants, most every designer seemed to have a leather jacket in their show.
  • A CLASH OF SPORTY AND FORMAL – Quite a few designers seemed to pair athletic clothing with blazers. I can see this trend going mainstream.
  • BAGS WITH HANDLES – Trading in the formerly popular backpack for something handheld seemed to be a noticeable designer accessory change.
  • GLADIATOR SANDALS – The most noticeable footwear in all of the collections seemed to sandals of the gladiator variety.
  • EDGY SUITS – Straying from traditional black, grey and dark blue colored menswear, suits featuring bright color and prints seemed ultra relevant.
  • CIRCULAR SUNGLASSES – Those shades that’ll give you the bug eyed look seemed to be making a major comeback during this year’s Milan fashion week.

Versace and Gucci were my personal favorite of the collections I checked out and I am obsessed with the oversized straw hat from Vivienne Westwood. The Spring/Summer 2015 season produced some very exciting menswear. I really love the direction men’s fashion is headed in.