The most popular music in the US isn’t always made by Americans. Artists from Britain to Australia are hijacking our charts and airwaves with music that transcends geographical location. I decided to list some of my current favorite imports that I think you should pay attention to, if you don’t already.



Charli XCX is making waves in America for so many different reasons. Not only is the British-born singer responsible for penning swedish Icona Pop‘s hit song I Love It, but she’s additionally the singer of the catchy hook on Iggy Azalea‘s current number one single, Fancy. Aside from her musical accolades, she also has superb style and effervescence. I can’t wait to see what influences she provides the music world next. She’s seems like she’s just getting warmed up.

Listen to SuperLove by Charli XCX via SoundCloud

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Known for her ever-changing style, numerous musical collaborations and top-notch singing voice, Rita Ora is steadily gaining popularity in North America. With the impending release of her debut US album, Rita is primed to equal the success she’s already experienced in her native UK. I’m hoping she does because my obsession with Rita Ora has existed for some time now.

Listen to I Will Never Let You Down (Gregor Salto Vegas Radio Mix) by Rita Ora via SoundCloud

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I was probably one of the only people who wasn’t fond of Ed Sheeran‘s extremely popular debut single, The a Team, simply because I’m not particular to sad songs. Regardless, I appreciated the sound and lyrical greatness of it. British-born Ed Sheeran is an undeniable talent. He has an incredible singing voice, impressive song writing skill, and great artistry. Gaining lots of pubic attention for being the opening act during Taylor Swift‘s recent Red Tour, the June 23rd release of his second album, entitled X, stands to further his popularity in the US and around the globe. The new music he’s been putting out is really good and he’s got some insanely appealing remixes on SoundCloud.

Listen to Sing (Trippy Turtle Remix) by Ed Sheeran via SoundCloud

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Australian Wilhelmina model and hip-hop artist, Iggy Azalea, is redefining female rap in a major way with her debut album, The New Classic. Featuring the number one hit single Fancy (featuring Charli XCX) and a slew of other noteworthy songs and collaborations, it’s no surprise that Iggy previously supported Beyoncé during the Australian leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Continuing to make a splash in America with her catchy songs and unique style, I can only see Iggy’s popularity increase. I really love what she’s doing.

Listen to Fancy (Featuring Charli XCX) by Iggy Azalea via SoundCloud

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