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I’ve noticed that society can get confused by television programming like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. People see these wealth-flaunting reality shows and dream of hitting the inheritance (or spousal) jackpot, longing for riches and success without doing any of the hard work necessary for garnering it. Not only is that a lazy way to think, but it’s also a mirage.

If you look at the Kardashian family as a whole, they appear to be doing nothing but working. It might be elementary entertainment based work but it’s frequent. From endorsement deals to film, television and various entertainment projects, they’re evidently working harder than most celebrities in the industry.

Granted, I don’t normally follow their exploits but they’ve worked firmly to make themselves publicly unavoidable. That family is everywhere. You shouldn’t let the facade of a televised luxury lifestyle trick you into forgetting that it takes hard work to not only gain but maintain success. A lazy mindset might give you instant free time but that’s about all you’ll gain from it.

Having everything handed to you might appear to be a nice gesture but you’d be missing out on the valuable character traits that truly help us to grow as human beings; drive and ambition. I don’t know about you, but I personally thrive on my desire to achieve my lengthy list of life goals. Hard work is a good thing. It’s not always going to be fun or easy, but neither is life.

If you’re an actual contributing member of society who’s giving life your all in an attempt to go after the things you want, pat yourself on the back. Realize that your efforts are not worthless, will be noticed and eventually take you places. Stop simply wanting what other people have and realize that the reasoning for your current (and non permanent) situation is to teach you something greater. Accomplishments are going to take effort and that’s about as unavoidable as a Kardashian. Besides, If they can work hard, why shouldn’t you?