Calling northwest rapper, Ylti, an “up and comer” seems unfitting because he already transpires like a seasoned artist. His look, attitude, unique sound and increasing fan base all read like something you should have already been seeing everywhere. You might not have heard of him yet, but the good news is, he’s actively working hard to make sure you do. Between churning out noteworthy tracks like Living My Raps with other emerging artists like Uffy Lane $nyder and opening up for Waka Flocka Flame in his home state of Idaho this summer, Ylti is gaining notoriety in a major way. Talking with him about all of this recently, I’d officially like to introduce the hip-hop (loving) world to the next big name in northwest rap, Ylti.

RAM: You’re literally one of my favorite rappers to emerge from the northwest in recent years! Not only am I totally feeling your sound and style, but I also love your stage name. What inspired it?

YLTI: I cannot yet disclose how I thought of the name Ylti. Someday you wyl all know…

RAM: I feel like you have a lot of fun with your rap name and words that it can rhyme with, but I’ve read that your birth name is Tony. Which one do you prefer for the ladies to call you?

YLTI: If she’s mine then I’m Tony. If she’s a fan then she best be calling me Ylti bahahahah

RAM: …And in bed? (Ha ha ha) What would you do if a girl was screaming out “Ylti” in the sack?

YLTI: Ummmmm I would be like bitch shut up

RAM: Lindsay Lohan recently had a list of 33 of her male conquests leak online. Could you see yourself being on that list?

YLTI: No, I’m not about the freaky friday shit cause my gurl gets live on saturday night

RAM: What famous females do you wish were on your own “conquest list”?


RAM: Okay, it’s time to change the subject… (lol) I’ve gotta tell you, one thing I like about your music is your unique sound and rap style. I feel like it’s very different from EVERYTHING that’s out right now. I mean, it’s catchy enough for mainstream but original enough for people to know that you’re doing your own thing. When and how did you form your own style, sound and vibe?

YLTI: It’s easy. Just be yourself and it wyl all come to you. That’s all I can say.

RAM: …And who inspired it?

YLTI: Lil Wayne is my idol. Drake is the god currently. I don’t rylly know what inspired my sound…maybe just life did..

RAM: Who inspires some of your lyrics?

YLTI: Girls do, cause if the girls like me then everyone wyl like me. And everyday life does of course.

RAM: When did you know that rapping was a passion of yours, something you wanted to do professionally?

YLTI: I knew the day I withdrew from the University of Oregon that rap was my path. I’d rather make money than waste money. I’d rather be happy and live in the now then be on my death bed tomorrow wishing I could go back and choose a different path.

RAM: I’m sure you get asked about what popular rap artists you’d like to collaborate with, but what I wanna know is, who could you see yourself in a rap battle with? Could you ever see yourself writing and releasing a dis-track?

YLTI: No, I’m a softy. I wanna work with everyone, NO BEEF EVER; JUST CREATE AMAZING MUSIC YA FEEL ME?? Cause in the long run isn’t that what it’s all about….

RAM: I really like where you’re headed and the music (and following) is only getting better, bigger and stronger. Is there any upcoming projects Ylti fans should know about?

YLTI: Fans should be ready to see some big things happening, like some new features on my songs….you’ll see this summer…

RAM: Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years?

YLTI: I don’t hope to see myself anywhere, I KNOW that I wyl be exactly where I want to be. And life wyl be great and everyone who hated wyl be the peopyl in 10 years who wish they would have chased their dream instead of making fun of those who did.

Chatting with Ylti was almost as inspiring as his raps. I’m excited to proclaim that was one of the first websites to plug this talented guy because I truly believe in his vision as much as he does. Listen to Ylti‘s music, follow him on twitter, and get on board (like a first class passenger) before the rest of the world does. It’s gonna happen.