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The saddest thing to me about modern day celebrity is its lack of old Hollywood appeal. In a world of excessive digital media dissection and reality show stars gaining increasing popularity, glamour seems to be strictly reserved for the red carpet. Excluding Beyonce and a few others, it’s rare to find a star that shines in as classy of a way as Elizabeth Taylor did.

Knowing the newer generation will not grow up with Elizabeth Taylor as I did is even more depressing. Granted, I’ve honestly never seen any of her movies and am pretty sure she was already wheel-chair stricken during most of my upbringing. Regardless, I still got the message. Elizabeth Taylor was a beacon of style, class, and luxury.

Winning two academy awards, marrying eight different times, having a rumored jewelry collection worth over $150,000,000 and surviving life threatening illnesses never overshadowed her public image. She was more than just a star, she was also a passionate activist and philanthropist.

Having the most popular celebrity-backed fragrance in history, White Diamonds, was also another one of her many accomplishments. Liz seemed to own whatever project she took on. She not only shined on camera but also in her overall life.

Lindsay Lohan portrayed her and Kim Kardashian interviewed her, but they’ll never personally compare. In my opinion, Elizabeth Taylor‘s passing marked the end of a type of Hollywood legacy future generations will never know and strive to obtain. We should never forget her greatness.