The age old debate about the need and use of “man purses” should officially be retired. It’s 2014 now and it’s no longer a trend. It’s simply a bag that serves a purpose to the user of it. Men should be allowed to use bags to carry their belongings without criticism, no matter its size, shape or style. Accepted by european and eastern cultures, bags used by men have long been an unquestioned norm.

Why is American society so ignorant that it can’t accept a man’s noncomplex desire for something to carry their stuff in?

When a man wants to have his smart phone, iPad, headphones, laptop or gym clothes readably accessible, why would the necessity of a bag be something to question? Like women, men have stuff that they like to use throughout the day and just need a place to store it. Teasing a man for his use of a bag is not only a form of sexism, but also reveals a blatant lack of common sense.

When commuting, where else are your belonging’s supposed to go? A pocket can only hold so much. 

That’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that real men rock bags. We use them because we want or need to and don’t care what the public thinks about it. Any man that remains impenetrable to petty criticism is a real one and the men pictured above, using bags, are no exception.

Whether designer or plain, a bag is a much needed accessory for any sex. It’s a no-brainer.