Attempting to rid myself of an impending cold and sore throat situation kept me bed-ridden for most of yesterday in recovery. Between juggling sleep and waking up for the usual barrage of adult responsibility mixed with the occasional first world problem, I was feeling quite accomplished with my sleep gain. I (of course) fucked all of that up by staying awake until god-awful hours of the morning to read my favorite news blog outlets, twitter feeds and my favorite Tumblr of all Tumblr’s, The Coquette.

Having been a fan of The Coquette blog and Dear Coquette advice column long before it gained branding notoriety with jewelry collaborations, handbag lines and a published book, I have always wished I could be as cool as this person I’ll probably never actually know. This love affair with The Coquette has existed for as long as I’ve had a Tumblr.

I’m not quite sure if her following me was by accident, but if it was and she changes her mind and unfollows, I’m as giddy about her knowing of my measly existence as Britney Spears will be the day her conservatorship ends. This woman’s writing style is witty, brilliant and I’m simply flattered that she deems worthy enough of following.

This may mean nothing to anyone else on the planet, but the email I received from Tumblr earlier this morning documenting said-follow has me smiling from ear to ear. I honestly don’t even think I feel sick anymore.

Check out The Coquette and observe the brilliance I speak of.

You won’t be disappointed.