New York based model, London Zhiloh, is a particular favorite of mine for many reasons. Not solely taking into account her impressive modeling career, ever-changing and playful hairstyles, or the fact that Rihanna has worn her on a t-shirt. The true reason I pride myself on being a fan of London is her ability to unintentionally convey herself like living art, without even trying.

Her expressive tweets and selfies are some of my favorites to witness and did you know that she’s also a budding actress and singer? A good one too. I can’t wait to see what Zhiloh does next professionally.

The modeling field doesn’t just need more black female models, it needs more new talent in all areas. Tired of seeing the same faces in media repeatedly, I’m ready for a change and feel like London could provide a refreshing one that the industry needs.

Increasing in notoriety, Zhiloh is one to look out for. If you’re just seeing her now, it won’t be long before you see her everywhere else by accident. I pride myself on having a knack for spotting the next big thing and London Zhiloh is already there, in my opinion.