I’ve always wanted a pair of Beats By Dre headphones. I’m sure it was the good ole (subliminal) marketing of Dr. Dre‘s team or the fact that I’m always seeing them on football players, even on game-day fields. For me personally, they truly seemed more appealing than any other popular headband-style earphones on the market. Recently ending its partnership with the Monster Products company, Beats By Dre has recently split into its own entity.

Being a huge tech consumer, I did some research and read some other reviews before deciding that these were the headphones I wanted to have. To be honest, the price seems insane for what I was reading in the reviews at respectable shopping websites like and Regardless, no other headphone had the LOOK, FEATURES AND COLOR OPTIONS that Beats By Dre offered. That’s what sold me.

I took the plunge and decided on Beats By Dre Wireless Headphones in silver.


I was always told that the look and sound of Beats By Dre was the selling point. I had high expectations…

I must note, my expectations lay more with build-quality over sonic-quality. As long as it sounds reasonably good, with clear vocals and no choppy bass or blares, I’m happy. I’m a rapper, not a sound engineer. There are higher quality versions of the wireless Beats By Dre headphones (with noise cancellation technology) and better headphone brands for audiophiles.

I am pleased to say that I like these headphones a lot.

In my opinion, a lot of the reviews I read were wrong. The wireless feature is amazing and the blue-tooth pairing (with my iPhone) is effortless. The charging process is fast, easy and the battery life is great. The sound quality is wonderful and impressive for a blue-tooth headset. With the cord in, it’s even better. It gets reasonably loud and has a slew of easy to (remember and) use buttons on one side, for easy access to music selection, pausing and phone call answering.


My only gripe would be the headband strength. Everything about my headphones seems worth the price, except the build-quality. I originally had a white pair and exchanged for a silver pair because the polished, almost metal-like effect of the silver pair’s build-quality seems cleaner, stronger and more lasting than the other pairs.

With these Beat By Dre Wireless headphones having a retail price of $279.99, they should feel like they wouldn’t break easily if dropped. They unfortunately would, if they did.

That’s honestly my only gripe, which I personally solved with the purchase of a solid protection plan from Best Buy. I’ve had them for about two weeks and use the included carrying case and attachments to no problems. I would definitely recommend checking them out. Just be smart, consider your options and do your research. I use them for jogging, walking my dogs and random traveling. They happen to fit my needs perfectly but may not fit yours. Again, always do your research.

As my first tech review for, I hope this helps some of you who are deciding on buying Beats By Dre headphones.