The music industry has a model it’s been following for far too long. Hype is put on a lead first single from an artist and a lot of marketing goes into that single, the readying of a second (or third, depending on album sales) strong single, mixed with the whole album’s promotion. Beyonce hadn’t released an album or solid (album supporting) single in two years. She’s a visionary artist and likes to experiment in the name of growing and maturing her craft and brand. People were clearly not ready for her ‘Grown Woman’ song at the time of sample-release and I honestly think Beyonce was tired of the quick judgements people make when they’re only given a single, a snippet. Only a piece of her whole body of work…

The new “visual album” named “Beyonce” by Beyonce was secretly released early this morning with zero promotion, just suddenly appearing on iTunes as an exclusive. With all of the expectations fans, music critics and haters held for two years, I honestly think that this sneak-release was Beyonce‘s way of giving the public a full, unadulterated body of her artwork to critique.

This new unannounced album, being Beyonce‘s fifth studio release, has come as a delightful shock and welcome surprise to all popular music lovers and r&b/hip-hop fans alike. Called a “visual album,” “Beyonce” boasts 14 music tracks and (a whopping) 17 music videos.

After taking a long look and listen, all I can say is… BEYONCE IS BACK, with a vengeance. All of the fans (or haters) that I saw sassing her delayed album release on twitter have been officially silenced. “Beyonce” is one of Beyonce‘s best, most personal, sexual and fun albums to date. Almost all of the songs have single potential and already have music videos, so I can only see a recipe for success with this sneak attack on the music industry.

This grown woman knows what she’s doing and I now have even more respect for her as an artist, visionary and game changer.

Check out “Beyonce” by Beyonce and you’ll instantly hear and see what I’m talking about.