Say what you want about Paris Hilton, that’s exactly what has helped to make her famous from the beginning.

I’ve grown up following Paris’s career since she suddenly barged onto the New York social scene in 2001, refusing to be unseen or unheard. I’ve also continued to look up to her since her forays into acting, music, business and more.

Paris Hilton is a pioneer for multiple reasons, it cannot be denied. The fashions she wore first, the (media) trends she started first, the fact that she hasn’t aged a day since 2004… Paris Hilton stays in a league of her own.

Present day celebrities still blatantly copy things Paris casually did over ten years ago. I hope she is flattered by the people who plagiarize her career model because it still happens regularly in Hollywood. Paris continues to stay original in a world where’s it’s become easier not to.

I often forget that her last name derived from her being an heiress of the Hilton hotel chain because she’s been so successful at not letting that fact overshadow her efforts. With a billion dollar fragrance empire, a global chain of self-named retail clothing stores and a newly inked record deal (and catchy single) with Lil Wayne‘s Young Money label, the name Hilton will definitely have you thinking about that girl named Paris before a hotel in France.

Paris has always held her head high through controversy and maintained her career focus, even when the media tried to tell her she was “famous for being famous.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Beautiful, strong, talented, inspiring and nonchalantly hilarious, Paris is a definitive marker of the modern day era of celebrity. A representation of class and realness.

I can’t wait to see what Paris Hilton does next!