Not just for obvious reasons, Tiffany Foxx is the female rapper to pay attention to. I first stumbled upon Tiffany in 2007 on a Snoop Dogg (before the birth of the Lion) compilation and instantly fell in love with her cocky lyrics and magnetic sex appeal.

Fast forward to present day and Tiffany has graduated to signing with Lil’ Kim‘s IRS records. Since doing so, she’s released a popular mix-tape, filmed multiple videos alongside Lil’ Kim (with one that even featured a guest appearance from Miley Cyrus, below) and all while spearheading her infamous “goal-diggers” movement.

Tiffany Foxx is a talented, hard worker and it shows. With a message that’s not only fun but sexy and inspirational, this woman is set to crush the rap game and has become a personal crush of mine…

I just happened to be thinking about all of this on Wednesday, so I thought I’d share.

Who else can say they’ve been a “goal-digger” since 2007?