I recently attended a Morgan Page concert and had an amazing experience! Morgan Page is one of my favorite EDM DJ’s (also one of the most sonically pleasing) and is currently embarking on his “Morgan Page Presents: MPP3D” tour. When you attend Morgan’s latest concert, you’re not just getting a night of great music. You’re also getting a 3D (glasses included) light show that amazingly compliments his set.

It was spectacular and I was thoroughly impressed. As a musician, I have always liked EDM performers that bring a little bit more to the table than a DJ set with no live instruments or vocals. Morgan Page accomplished that and more. I even got the 4D Morgan Page experience when I met him (middle picture) backstage, before the show. He is not only nice, but an extremely hard-working and inspiring artist.

After the show, my friends and I hit up the Portland nightlife scene to celebrate my close friend Tiffany‘s (2nd to last photo) 21st birthday. My nights in Portland always seem to be unforgettable.

Just thought I’d check in and share…