I always feel a little more pressure to post more entries on Tumblr than Twitter or any other social media network that I use. I guess it’s because I notice that I get unfollowed on Tumblr more frequently when I’m not able to post regularly. I have a lot going on in my professional life, so I’m not even about to act like I truly care.

If anything, that unspoken pressure makes me want to post less.

With the recording of my rap album (pictured second to bottom) that was released on Halloween, my hectic work schedule and the fleeting moments I try to squeeze in with my friends and family, blogging comes last on my list. Besides, I tend to blog more when I’m inspired.

When I relaunched RAMrants.com, I was. I was starting to discover new artists in music, acting, fashion and culture. I was finding muses from the past and present day, left and right. But that steam could only last for so long with all of the other things I also had on my plate.

When you want to do so many things at the same time, you need to take the time to do each one right. Separately. I just got done being focused on making music. Now feels like the time to start writing again. I have so much to say and it’s time to let it all off of my chest.

Between recording and work, I attended a University of Oregon football game, had a few randomly fun nights with friends, attended an awesome Zedd concert, released my rap album and was one of the “White Chicks” for Halloween.

Fall has been good to me and I’m excited to see what’s in store for this Winter… Stay tuned!