My first “Life In Color” experience happened at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon over the weekend and it was an unforgettable!

If you’re unfamiliar with “Life In Color,” it’s an E.D.M. (Electronic Dance Music) themed paint party. Attendees are usually expected to wear white or bare skin and as they’re enjoying E.D.M. the headlining DJ is playing, paint is splashed onto them from paint launching cannons on stage or by possible attendees dancing nearby. I even bought two bottles of my own paint (reasonably $5 each) at the festival, to spray on the crowds. It was so much fun!

Our DJ’s were Henry Fong and (one of my favorites) Borgore. When I first arrived, you can see (3rd picture down) that I didn’t get too paint soaked. It’s possible to avoid, if you’re not there for the full experience. But I was there for the full experience and then some.

Determined, I steadily made my way towards the front. That’s when I got soaked. Thick, gloppy, sticky, wet paint. Everywhere!

But I loved it! “Life In Color” events are definitely a recommended must.

Make sure you also have towels and stuff to dry up with when you’re ready to leave. I was drenched, so they truly came in handy.

Leaving in a different outfit then you originally entered in was completely worth the experience.

You should check out the “Life In Color” official website to find out where the next paint party is happening nearest you!