Music festival fashion is super important to me. Since they tend to be places of artistic celebration, fashion (which can be a personal daily source of artistic expression) at these festivals should be treated the same. But I had a dilemma. The outfit I ordered to wear at the 2013 Bumbershoot Music Festival didn’t arrive in the mail on time. Terrified at the idea of outfit-repeating, I simply paired pieces I had never worn together previously (the top two pictures) for my day look. Then I went shopping.

I honestly couldn’t find anything unique enough for my tastes at any of the stores in downtown Seattle. I stopped by an American Apparel store because I had been lusting after a plain black and white striped shirt (inspired by my love of Coco) and I got one.

After dancing all day and sweating profusely, I stopped by the VIP lounge to change into my night look. Deciding to settle with wearing the American Apparel shirt I had bought earlier, I went to put it on and noticed it had a medium size tag sticker on it but was indeed a size extra large. Deciding not to panic, I tried it on. I walked out of the bathroom stall, looked in the mirror and was honestly pleased. I had somehow unintentionally made my basic black and white striped shirt an over-sized statement piece that complicated my black jeans and shoes.

It was an accident I couldn’t have been more thankful for. I’m happy things happened the way they did. Even though it would be really nice to have that outfit I ordered over a full week ago…

I made new friends and hung out with old ones (bottom picture) as well that night. I met ZZ Ward (top picture) and obsessed over the view of the Space Needle. Seattle and Bumbershoot, art and life colliding. Yet another wonderful summer memory.