Calling the night I had at the 2013 Bumbershoot Music Festival “fun” seems unfitting. It was artistically enriching, unique and truly unforgettable. There’s so much to do for visitors of Bumbershoot that I barely had time to eat (or “party”) trying to make it to everything I wanted to see that day.

Most of the performers I familiarize with seemed to be performing on Saturday, so I opted out of staying for the rest of the festival’s duration. I regret that decision. I had so much fun immersing myself in all the forms of art presented that I would’ve been completely happy staying through until Monday.

Bumbershoot is so much more than music. In the 11 hours I was there, I saw numerous genres of musicians, observed multiple art exhibits, attended a film festival, a comedy show featuring (my favorite comedian) Doug Benson and so much more. I was also able to keep track of my schedule and who was performing with their handy app for the festival. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to see everything at Bumbershoot in one day, definitely not every performer.

Speaking of performers, I saw tons and personally loved every single set! I started out my day with a new favorite band of mine, The Flavr Blue. Afterwards (and because of my platinum credentials) I checked out a secret ZZ Ward show hosted by a popular Seattle radio station. I saw the singer Diamond Rings start his set, then I ran to catch Kendrick Lamar on the main-stage. After his genius, I caught the talented (and up and coming) rapper Watsky and legendary soul singer Charles Bradley. I then finished my night with the band Washed Out and the epic Crystal Castles.

I missed some of my favorite EDM performers such as Cookie Monsta and Dannic, but I prefer to leave parties on a high note and it was simply time. As Bumbershoot currently continues until Monday, I can’t wait to see who they book for next year’s lineup. I honestly think I might have to turn this into an event I attend annually. Bumbershoot is like a weekend affair with the arts and a beautiful northwest back-drop. Not to be missed.