Let’s face it. The likeliness of a true N’SYNC, Destiny’s Child or B2K reunion are about as likely as an original cast-featured sequel to the movie “Clueless.”

It’s finally time to get over your grieving and fall in love with today’s version of yesterday’s favorites.

If you loved N’SYNC as much as I did, you’ll adore “America’s boy-band” (and 2101/Capital Records signed, pictured on top) Midnight Red. Unlike popular British boy-band’s One Direction and The Wanted, these boys take their dancing seriously. I adore their latest single/video, the catchy “Take Me Home.” They also put on an amazing live show! Their fandom are known as “red-heads,” which I proudly admit to being a part of. Check out the website, music and videos of Colton, Anthony, Thomas, Joey and Eric to become a “red-head” yourself. Your eyes and ears will thank you.

Mainstream music currently seems to be missing an urban powerhouse girl-group ever since Destiny’s Child and 3LW disbanded in the mid 2000’s. If you’re missing fun and inspiring music from a talented female trio, I’d suggest checking out the new girl-group Dollhouse. Ryan, Chelsea and Jasmine (pictured in the middle) are teenagers but you wouldn’t know it from hearing their vocals. These girls can sing! Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Dollhouse is signed with the Universal SRC label and is currently slated to release their debut single this fall. Having performed at Detroit’s popular Summer Jam music festival and for the likes of mogul Russell Simmons, Dollhouse is set to make a splash in the entertainment world. Check out their media and get to know these three superstars before the rest of the world does, cause they surely will… Soon!

Urban boy-bands are my favorite! However, all of the ones that I used to love have broken up around the same time as the once-popular boy-band B2K. Enter Streamline/Interscope records signed Mindless Behavior, the new urban teen boy-band that’s here to help fill the void that’s been in their genre for too long. Headlining their current tour to promote their two top 10 placing albums, Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray and Roc Royal (pictured on the bottom) are long past their days of opening for stars like Justin Bieber and Janet Jackson. Check out their new single “Used To Be” to see what I’m talking about! These boys sing, dance and get you mindless with their talented behavior.

I hope these recommendations help some of you satiate the cravings for your past favorites. The future of pop is really starting to show promise again.